National Review: MCTR revisions

How to fix this problem of US drone exports, wonders National Review?

“First, reform MTCR — by executive order if necessary. If Congress and the State Department, which oversees the agreement, aren’t willing to take the blinders off on MTCR, then the president can and must. Let aircraft be aircraft, and missiles be missiles: The two should never be intermingled in the same control regime.”

The author writes “the principle of UAS interoperability as a way to strengthen alliances, as a force multiplier for our own military, but also a guarantor of security for our friends. Secure interoperability will be the key to halting China’s bid for UAS hegemony, especially since China has no allies and we do….What’s needed today is a Billy Mitchell for unmanned airpower, someone with the guts and vision to explain how versatile and powerful these tools will be for American national security — and at a fraction of the cost of manned aircraft.”

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