Military drone news August 2020

By SETH J. FRANTZMAN SINAI: A drone crashed in north Sinai. It looks like an RQ-20 Puma. The drone would have been used by the Egyptian military against the ISIS ongoing insurgency in Sinai. The drone that crashed in Egypt FRANCE: The French are getting more tools to counter drones. The French Ministry of Defense … Continue reading Military drone news August 2020

US forces train with a Puma drone

US forces have been training with Puma drones for years. In one photos an instructor from Training and Logistics Support Activity-West (TALSA) with class RQ20B Puma, "teaches U.S. Marines how to inspect the functionality of an RQ-20 Puma." It was taken at Camp Pendleton. This is important training. It was taken on January 24, 2018. … Continue reading US forces train with a Puma drone