Drone news January-February 2021

An Aeronautics Orbiter 4 will be displayed at IDEX 2021 in Abu Dhabi. (Courtesy Aeronautics) Israeli defense companies are preparing for IDEX in Abu Dhabi, where some will demonstrate UAVs and counter-UAS solutions. Aeronautics, which is part owned by Rafael, will bring its Orbiter 4. IMCO will also demonstrate UAV technology and IAI has recently …

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Drone news Sept 26-Oct 1: Azerbaijan drones, new Iran footage

Aeronautics releases new video of Orbiter 4 Drone news over the last week has been pronounced as Azerbaijan and Armenia clashed. Armenia says 55 drones have been shot down, including 6 on October 1. There is little evidence of this. However evidence is emerging of the effective use of Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones and also …

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Turkish TV shows video of drone alleged to be used in recent operations

A program at ATV Haber in Turkish recently featured a presenter talking about Turkey's operations in northern Iraq. It showed momentarily a drone. Turkey has become very well known for use of Bayraktar and Anka model drones, especially in northern Iraq, Syria and Libya. These have been used agains the PKK. https://twitter.com/ttahaber/status/1276807040665636866?s=21

Azerbaijan is buying Turkish armed drones

In a major development Azerbaijan will reportedly acquire Turkish drones. Defense News quoted Turkish officials. “Efforts in this direction [for the purchase of combat drones] are continuing. Now we are having results,” Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov told reporters June 22 in the Turkish capital. Turkey has had success with its Bayraktar and Anka drones. The …

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Turkish drone strike reported in Syria

A Turkish drone airstrike was reported in Syria on June 23. Full details were not known but it was said to occur near Kobane and photos showed a house damaged. https://twitter.com/mutludc/status/1275488500922662918 Turkey has widely used its Bayraktar and Anka drones in Syria. It has also used them against the Kurdistan Workers Party in Iraq. Drones …

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