Houthi drones: Gulf countries concerned about continued threat

Al-khaleej has picked up the National story about Houthi drones: “The growing Houthi threat to the Gulf has been examined by other analysts at RUSI. Justin Bronk, a Research Fellow for Airpower and Technology at the London-based institution, said: ‘While it’s low tech – that’s a benefit. If you want to enable your proxies – and Iran does this very successfully with relatively small-scale technical transfer – you need just key components and a few technical specialists. As a result the Houthis have been able to set up quite an impressive indigenous drone battlefield drone industry.”

This is important as the article also has a nice schematic about the drones showing the Mohajer 2. The process of proliferation and construction in Yemen is interesting and largely unknown, except that the result of it have been clear. Numerous drone attacks on Saudi Arabia have been carried out.

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