A look at Algeria’s drone program

An Algerian drone reportedly crashed on June 25.

This is one of several CH-4 Chinese drones Algeria has. The recent crash was apparently due to the drone hitting a transmission tower or power lines. Collision control aspects that might have been in more hi-tech western drones were evidently not on this one. The Algerian drone program is relatively recent.

Dan Gettinger, founder of Bard’s Center for t he Study of the Drone, reported in 2018 “Algeria confirms acquisition of the Chinese CH-4 and CH-3 UAVs based at Aïn Oussera. Reports back in 2014 that Algeria was evaluating the CH-4. Note that the CH-3/4 join what I suspect is the Denel Dynamics Seeker in the mural on the wall.” Others noted this October 2018 unveiling.

Clash Report and Drone Wars UK reported the same incident,

See here:

More details on Algeria’s Ch-4 program. “Huitong reports at his CMA-Blog that during the recent “Hoggar2020” military exercise, the Algerian Air Force used the newest CH-4 UCAV. As revealed by a video revealed in 2018, Algeria had received an unknown number of CH-3 and CH-4 drones.”

There are concerns about reliability of these drones. Some countries, such as Jordan, previously expressed concerns about CH-4s.

Algeria also has the “smaller Yabhon Flash-20 UAV from the #UAE.”

Dempsey noted “In summary, within 2 months #Algeria state media revealed 4 new types of UAV in service: #China CASC CH-3 #China CASC CH-4 #UAE Adcom Systems Yabhon Flash-20 #UAE Adcom Systems Yabhon United-40.” Drone Wars UK has noted that Algeria has armed drones. Video at the time showed an airstrike in May 2019 by Algerian drones.

And more details;


Algeria also had the Seeker. “AAF would have received in 2018 a delivery of 5 CH-3A aircraft and 5 CH-4B aircraft.” A Line-of-Sight antenna was added to a CH-4. “After analysis and request for information from experts, we can clearly say that for the moment the control of the Algerian drones CH-4 and CH-3 is done by a terrestrial connection “LOS Line of Sight” and not by satellite via a Satcom antenna.”



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