Serbia shows off 6 new Chinese CH-92A armed drones

Serbia has acquired and showcased several new Chinese UAVs. Numerous reports on social media with video shows new UAVs in Serbia.

Peter Voinovich tweeted: “Serbia today showcased publicly for the first time its newly acquired Chinese CH-92A UCAVs. Six drones with 12 FT-8C have been bought so far.”

There is also video:

The video report notes on July 4, 2020: “at the military airport Colonel pilot Milenko Pavlović presented unmanned aerial vehicles that arrived from China a few days ago. The Air Force of Serbia received the first part of the delivery of 6 CH-92A aircraft, which will carry two FT-8C missiles with a range of 6.8 km. An agreement was also made to take over the technology used by the CH-92A for a domestically produced BPL of the ‘Pegasus’ type. The Pegasus will also carry two missiles, but for the lower class of the FT-8D type with a range of 5 km. It is expected that in the middle of 2021, the Air Force of Serbia will receive the entire squadron of Pegasus.”

Gettinger notes that “the CH-92A deal was announced in Nov 2019 and deliveries planned. Serbia had initially planned on licensing the much larger Wing Loong for domestic production. That plan was announced in September 2018 and is reportedly still on the table, though much delayed…notable is that these CH-92As are equipped with the FT-8C (飞腾8C) air-to-surface guided anti-armor missile, not the smaller/lighter FT-8D that is more commonly associated with the CH-92A and other mid-sized armed Chinese drones such as the AV500W.”

Other videos online show the UAV;



Six were acquired so far.

Criticism of Chinese drones;

The delivery got a lot of press;

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