Dominic Cummings warned of drone dangers

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Drones are in media again in the UK with a report that “MoD sources confirmed a personal tour had been organised for the prime minister’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings, which will also take in the specialist military research laboratories at Porton Down, Wiltshire.”

It goes on to note: “The idea is to showcase some of the MoD’s flagship operations to an adviser who has complained that military procurement ‘has continued to squander billions of pounds’ and who has written in his personal blog of the potential for drone warfare.”

He had written in 2019: “A teenager will be able to deploy a drone from their smartphone to sink one of these multibillion-dollar platforms. Such a teenager could already take out the stage of a Downing Street photo op with a little imagination and initiative, as I wrote about years ago.”

As the UK continues with various drone programs such as Watchkeeper and Protector, a massively expensive program to acquire US Reapers, the issue of drones has also affected airport security and other places.

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