Military drone news August 2020


SINAI: A drone crashed in north Sinai. It looks like an RQ-20 Puma. The drone would have been used by the Egyptian military against the ISIS ongoing insurgency in Sinai.

The drone that crashed in Egypt

FRANCE: The French are getting more tools to counter drones. The French Ministry of Defense published a photo showing personnel “specializing in anti-drone warfare have telemetry and infrared binoculars, a device for jamming GPS signals, and shotguns with specific cartridges. They also work in close collaboration with other personnel on the air bases.”

YEMEN: In Yemen a drone appears to have crashed. This was apparently a Houthi drone and it was shot down or crashed in an area controlled by the Yemen Saudi-backed government.

The alleged Houthi drone

ISRAEL: On August 7 a drone reportedly infiltrated Israeli airspace. This comes amid Israel-Hezbollah tensions since July 20.

The Israeli IDF: “Overnight, IDF troops identified a drone which infiltrated into Israeli airspace in the Mount Hermon area, along the Israeli side of the Blue Line. The drone was monitored and downed by the IDF. IDF troops are conducting searches in the area. The IDF is on elevated preparedness in the North and will not tolerate any violation of Israeli sovereignty.” Haaretz newspaper said it was actually an IDF drone.

Syria: August 6 “A civilian injured by a shell probably from a drone on Allaya neighborhood, east to Qamishli.”

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