Drone news Sept 26-Oct 1: Azerbaijan drones, new Iran footage

Aeronautics releases new video of Orbiter 4

Drone news over the last week has been pronounced as Azerbaijan and Armenia clashed. Armenia says 55 drones have been shot down, including 6 on October 1. There is little evidence of this. However evidence is emerging of the effective use of Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones and also Israeli drones.

Many other drone stories have taken place. The cover photo above is of an Aeronautics Orbiter 4 from a new video from the company. “The Orbiter 4 is  an advanced tactical UAS with extraordinary and versatile carrier , mission and endurance capabilities . Orbiter 4 STUAS delivers top mission performance with its lightest, most versatile and most advanced covert platform available today, for both land and maritime
operations,” Aeronautics notes.

  • Tyler Rogoway: General Atomics’ Sparrowhawk drone-launched drone breaks cover.
  • Can inflatable tanks decoy drone strikes.
  • Lucy Fischer on UK army: “The Army aims to become a force of “boots and bots” with soldiers fielding teams of robots on the battlefield, the service chief has said today. Gen Sir Mark Carleton-Smith, said human-machine teaming should be ‘commonplace’ in the force by 2025.”
  • Iran army’s new suicide drone named Sagheb (ثاقب): Max flight distance: 1000km.

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