Is Turkey deploying its HISAR Air Defence System’s to Syria to confront drones along with other threats?


Turkey’s new Hisar Air Defense System could be deployed to Syria, according to accounts online. The system was used earlier in 2020 to counter target drones. Built by Aselsan it fires Roketsan missiles. It went into serial production for the HISAR-A version. It is the first national air defense missile system for Turkey. Turkey has sought to procure the Patriot and S-400 systems also. In October 2019 it was reported that “Aselsan and Roketsan are also developing Hisar-O, the system’s medium-altitude version. Hisar-O is expected to enter the Turkish military use.” At the time reports said “Hisar-A low-altitude air defense missile system developed by Aselsan and Roketsan has successfully destroyed the target with 100% accuracy.” TRT said in March it would be sent to Idlib.

Deployed for Operation Spring Shield, the new reports say the “President of Defense Industries says “Hisar – O medium altitude air defence system has been deployed in Syria…He said that there were some discussions about which system should be deployed. Hisar-O is evaluated that it will be more effective in terms of range.”

There are other systems in Idlib as well

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