Drones reportedly used in Kiev (Kyiv) to put up Pride flag

Videos online show small quadcopter (actually six rotor) drones being used to put up a Pride March flag on a famous statue in Kiev. The statue is the well known giant Motherland Monument.

The surprising turn of events shows how drones can be used in innovative ways but also why security services or state authorities need to know about the use of drones and ways to also regulate them in other cases. The Motherland Monument is 62 meters (203 ft) tall, weighing 560 tonnes. It was built in 1981 and commemorates the Second World War.

See how it was done here;

Drones can be increasingly used for civil disobedience or protests, in legal ways, but having geofencing technology or other types of sky fences and other tech may be necessary to regulate areas where authorities don’t want them being used.

See an article about it

See also this tweet

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