Rezaei: Our drones were flying over American ships as our oil tankers headed to Venezuela


Iran’s Secretary of Expediency Council Mohsen Rezaei (رضائي) has said that Iranian drones flew over US ships during the crises regarding Iran sending four ships to Venezuela to deliver gasoline. Previously it was reported that he said when Iran sent the ships to Venezuela, some said, “Don’t go, there will be a war”.

It is not known where this took place, whether in the Gulf or elsewhere and when he says over does he mean over, or near. Did it happen in May or June during the delivery or before.

Iran sent Mohajer-2 drone technology to Venezuela in 2012. A 2017 account notes “The Mohajer-2 (Migrant) from Qods (Ghods) Aviation Industry was a strategic reconnaissance UAV pressed into service during the Iran-Iraq War as Iran’s first UCAV. A variant may still be in production in Venezuela.” The Center for the Study of the Drone notes “In May, Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro announced that Venezuela … The Arpia-001 drones, which are based on Iran’s Mohajer series.” A June 2012 article: “Under the name of Sant Arpia, the Mohajer 2, a quite famous Made-in-Iran drone, is currently flying in Venezuela. Reportedly operating from.”

It is not known if this is linked to what the Iranian meant on June 21.

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