Russia says that five drones flew near its airspace recently

A report at TASS says “thirty-three spy planes of foreign states conducted air reconnaissance along the borders of the Russian Federation and were tracked by Russia’s radars.” Also “Five drones flew close to the Russian borders, according to the infographics.” This happened between June 12 and 19 apparently.

This was apparently published in the Russian Defense Ministry’s newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda in recent days. An attempt to find the original infographic was not successful. Russia has long complained that western surveillance planes fly near its borders. This may be in Ukraine or other areas in the Baltic or pacific.

In early June Russia practiced with its air defense systems. “Sukhoi Su-24 bombers, Su-27 fighters, Su-30SM fighter- bombers, and also unmanned aerial vehicles are simulating the hypothetical enemy in the drills, according to the statement.” Pantsir and S-400s were used in the Kaliningrad drill. This was likely to show off amid the BALTOPS lead up that saw western states practice military maneuvers near Russia.

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