The 2020 drone expo in Shenzhen to be mostly online this year

The 2020 drone World Congress and the 5th #Shenzhen International #UAV Expo “will be held from Sept. 13-15. #China has over 7,000 drone companies that have obtained drone-operating licenses, over 600 of which are in Shenzhen. Due to #COVID19 it will be held mostly online.”

This is an important event. This was the fifth annual event. Last year’s event included discussions of “airspace management, drone safety supervision, police security, anti-UAV technology and airport security, precision agricultural aviation, drone power line, drone mapping, water conservancy and environmental protection, logistics and transportation, earthquake fire and emergency rescue, military and civilian integration of unmanned equipment, drone education and training,3D printing and drones, new materials and technologies for drones, drone standard setting, drones + robots, artificial intelligence and driverless industry.”

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