Israel’s IDF showcases training with drones

The IDF released video from a new training that has been completed. The video showcases several examples of use of small UAVs and also unmanned ground vehicles.

See a link to the full video here. “In the exercise, the IDF activated a variety of aircraft, including squadrons of different warplanes, helicopters, and drones. Also, for the first time, targets were hit with live fire, according to a new technology developed in the unit, which includes targeting targets with a military aircraft that is activated by the crew of warriors in the field in a short time,” an IDF Twitter account in Arabic noted.

This appears to be the same training as the IDF multi-dimensional unit. That press released noted the following on July 23. That press release also included photos of men apparently operating a drone.

IDF soldiers operate drones and other units in the field, July 23, 2020 (IDF photo)

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Today (Thursday), marks the end of the Multi-Dimensional Unit’s exercise. The unit was established a year ago as part of the “Momentum” multi-year plan. 

The exercise was led by the commander of the unit, Lt. Col. A, alongside the 98th Division and its Commanding Officer, Brig. Gen. Yaron Finkelman, and the Ground Forces and its Commanding Officer, Maj. Gen. Yoel Strick.

This exercise is a significant step towards making the unit operational. As part of the exercise, the unit’s soldiers trained and operated new multi-branch and multi-dimensional fighting methods. All methods were developed within the unit, in cooperation with different branches and units in the IDF, among them the IAF, units in the Intelligence Directorate, units in the Cyber Defense Directorate and various fire units. The soldiers operated ground breaking abilities that were developed within the defense industry. These abilities and methods will be deployed by the maneuvering units of the IDF.

In the exercise, the soldiers operated various areal platforms, among them the 109th Squadron, the 117th Squadron, the 190th Squadron, the 200th Squadron, and the Artillery Corps’ unit, Zik.

During the General Staff’s visit to the exercise, the Chief of the General Staff reviewed the unit’s capabilities, and a new technique that was developed in the unit for attacking targets using live fire was evaluated for the first time. The technique includes attacking targets with a fighter jet which is operated by the soldiers on the battle field in real time. In addition, the soldiers trained in combat techniques that are related to the deployment of the Armored Corps and Combat Engineering Corps. An additional series of exercises is planned for the future, and in each exercise the unit will add operational capabilities to its existing capabilities.

The unit is designated to fight in all battle fields and physical environments, according to its changing characteristics and challenges, while using a multi-branch and multi-dimensional maneuvering force, specializing in locating, exposing and destroying the enemy.
The exercise was part of the annual exercise plan for the year of 2020.
The Commanding Officer of the 98th Division, Brig. Gen. Yaron Finkelman: “During the past year, the commanders have worked very hard to ensure the unit fulfills its purpose. This exercise is a meaningful step toward making the unit operative, and it presents the progress in the development of new advanced operational methods and abilities alongside coordination between ground, air, intelligence and cyber forces. The 98th Division is proud to take part and lead the establishment and operative steps of the unit, as part of the effort to improve the ground forces’ readiness for the next war”.

The Commanding Officer of the Air Support and Helicopter Division, Brig. Gen. Noam Riff: “The IAF is fully committed to the Multi-Dimensional Unit and takes a big part in building and training the forces. The unit includes aircraft crews, RPAV operators, and special Air Force fighters with the leading squadrons that deliver the abilities that the Air Force has. Participated in the exercise were officers from the Cooperation Unit, alongside the squadrons and Air Force officers that were stationed in the Multi-Dimensional Unit, and presented the abilities that the IAF provides in combat in urban environments, like the one that the IDF is expected to fight in at the next war”.

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