What is Iran’s Shahed 181 drone?

Iranian media has spoken about Iran using several drones during its recent Great Prophet drills. One of them is said to be the Shahed 181 («شاهد ۱۸۱») but this drone doesn’t seem to have been mentioned prior to this. It is mentioned alongside other known drones in this case. Video seemed to show it as well. It looks like one of many Iranian drones that copied the US Sentinel.

For instance in March 2019 military drill “To Jerusalem-1” by #IRGC a total of 50 domestically-built versions of the RQ-170 drones، Shahed 129,161 and 191 were used to collect intelligence and strike targets.

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More details on Iranian drones have been carefully examined over the years. The drone is mentioned in all reports about this at Tasnim and other channels.

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