Russia’s Okhotnik (Hunter) stealth heavy strike drone deliveries by 2024

Russia says that its Okhotnik heavy stealth drone will be ready by 2024.

“We received an assignment from the Defense Ministry to speed up the experimental design work and maximally adjust the schedule in order to begin the deliveries already from 2024. That is why, we are actively working with colleagues on this issue,” the head of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) Head Yuri Slyusar said on August 3.

The drone has seen delays over the years but it is part of Russia’s efforts to become a drone power. It appears to look like the kinds of stealth flying wing designs the US has been experimenting with for decades and which are embodied in part in the Sentinel design.

Russia’s TASS says “serial deliveries of the latest Okhotnik (Hunter) stealth heavy strike drone to the Russian troops will begin in 2024.”

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