Drone news Aug 1-7, 2020

Some news this week:

  1. Israel’s Calcalist notes “The Israeli army and police are considering the purchase of personal anti-drone systems manufactured by Israeli company SKYLOCK, part of the Avnon Group. The growing threat posed by hostile UAVs and the need to neutralize them from afar has resulted in a race to create personal devices to curb unauthorized drones, products that were previously only installed on vehicles.” Read more.

2. Turkish drone accused of bombing facility in Qamishli on Aug 5 in eastern Syria. See details. More details about civilian injured.

3. Turkey builds new airstrip in Libya’s Tripoli area for use with Turkish UAVs. See details.

4. AIPAC highlights important US $25 million funding for counter-UAV technology with Israel. (see link)

5. Check out the Ninox40 by SpearUAV. See Janes.

6. Iran bombs Kurdish groups in northern Iraq, using UAVs.

7. Questions continue about Israeli new drone.

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