Drone news Oct 28-Nov 3: Iran’s latest, a sighting of a secretive RQ-180?

November 3

  • Video: Azerbaijani loitering munition strike “against the Armenian 2K12 Kub air defense system TEL.”
  • Iran claims it made ‘Arash kamikaze drones’ with range of 100km, see story here and here. It may be a Kian drone.

November 2

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November 1

  • The Pentagon is building a school to teach the force how to defeat drones,’ via Defense News.
  • Japan to shut off China from supplying drone parts. Reminder that Canada also suspended such sales to Turkey as the US is increasingly pushing drones.

October 30

  • UAV-manned teaming trials. “Leonardo successfully demonstrated integrated capabilities between a manned aircraft and an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). This took place in the UK during Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) trials between a Leonardo AW159 Wildcat helicopter and a semi-autonomous UAV from Callen-Lenz Associates.”

October 28

  • Rob Lee: “What if I told you that our next war probably won’t look like Iraq or Afghanistan, and that we will still have JLTV, M-ATV, and MRAPs for IED-heavy environments? MRAPs will stop IEDs, but they likely won’t stop UCAVs, loitering munitions, or cheap ATGMs (see below).”
  • Jason Brodsky “Following the warning from the U.S. embassy about Riyadh, the Arab Coalition on Wednesday said it destroyed six bomb-laden drones launched by the #Iran-backed Houthis toward #SaudiArabia as well as a ballistic missile targeting the southern city of Jizan.”
  • “Akram al-Kaabi (al-Nujaba leader) and Yahya Rahim-Safvi meeting. I think the map markings (inside my red circles) include Afif, Al Duwadimi, Abha, and Jazan. All have been attacked in recent years by Houthis missiles and drones.” See here‘.

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