Drone news Nov 3-14: More drone swarms, Azerbaijan’s victory

  • Drone use by Azerbaijan noticed in Washington Post piece. “The Washington Post has a new story tonight about the huge advantage that drones provided Azerbaijan in the 44-day war and how this offers the clearest evidence yet of how battlefields are being transformed by unmanned attack drones rolling off assembly lines around the world. The expanding array of relatively low-costs drones offers countries air power at a fraction the cost of maintaining a traditional air force and, as in Nagorno-Karabakh, underscored how drones can suddenly shift a long-standing conflict and leave ground forces highly exposed.”

  • VTOL drones again in the news with a Turkish design.

  • “Responsible military use of artificial intelligence,” a discussion about the EU.

  • November 12 “Taliban drones have carried out several attacks in Logar province, wounding at least six ANDSF, per an Afghan commander there. Drone strikes have become a “headache” for his forces.”

  • The War Zone: “Northrop Grumman’s plan to replace the MQ-9 Reaper with stealthy autonomous drones:”

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