Drone news January-February 2021

An Aeronautics Orbiter 4 will be displayed at IDEX 2021 in Abu Dhabi. (Courtesy Aeronautics)

Israeli defense companies are preparing for IDEX in Abu Dhabi, where some will demonstrate UAVs and counter-UAS solutions. Aeronautics, which is part owned by Rafael, will bring its Orbiter 4. IMCO will also demonstrate UAV technology and IAI has recently announced a new WASP surveillance system for UAVs. See more details. UVision will also be at IDEX. Skylock will be there also, as will Rafael which has a naval Typhoon solution to counter UAS.

February 14: Saudi-led coalition destroys two Houthi drones, February 11 Houthi drone destroyed by Saudi Arabia, February 10 Houthis say they struck Saudi Abha airport and King Khalid base (more details), February 7 drone intercepted by Saudi Arabia.

Turkey’s drones over Idlib.

February 14: Another drone start-up in Israel.

February 13: Northrop’s optionally manned Firebird.

People still talking about drones doing ‘express delivery‘.

Pakistan may use drones to monitor highways.

February 12 Jerusalem Post wonders whether a recent Hezbollah use of a SAM against an Israeli drone (it missed) could provoke a conflict. “The flights happen daily – some might say hourly – and are carried out mostly by Israeli drones, the long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicles like Elbit’s Hermes 450 and Israel Aerospace Industries’ Heron…All of this is important to keep in mind when thinking about what happened last Wednesday, when Hezbollah fired a surface-to-air missile (SAM) at a Hermes 450 drone patrolling the skies over southern Lebanon.”

February 12: Israelis may have illegally tried to sell loitering munitions to Asian country.

TAI Anka drone over northern Iraq.

A Saudi CH-4 may have been downed over Yemen.

HCSS report on autonomous systems.

February 11: Iran to unveil new Kamen 22 armed drone. Could have 300kg warhead Iran says.

February 11: Hamas increases drone arsenal “that includes 6,000 rockets, dozens of drones and anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, and some 400 naval forces.”

February 10: Pentagon is building an armed air to air drone. DARPA looking at aircraft-launched missile drones.

February 10: IRGC receives 340 boats, some with Ababil drones.

US and Turkish drones seen over Idlib.

February 9: CENTCOM head warns of small drones, like the ones bought at “Costco” as a threat.

Video from Rafael’s INDOOR drone concept.

February 9: UK using small grenade launched drone in Mali. Similar to the SpearUAV concept.

Paras Aerospace and SpearUAV sign MoU to introduce Micro-tactical UAV in India.

February 7: A look at counter-UAS solutions.

Downed Russian drone in Idlib.

February 6: More on Ukraine acquiring Turkey’s Bayraktar.

US Reaper over Ain Issa.

February 5: Darpa’s Manta Ray underwater project.

German Vector Drones for tactical units.

February 3: Attempted shoot down of IDF Hermes over Lebanon.

February 2: IDF drone crashes in Gaza, days later another crashes in Lebanon.

February 2: Israel’s Iron Dome has expanded capabilities, including against drone and cruise missile threats.

February 1: Israel’s IAI has sold Rotem and Harop loitering munitions to unnamed Asian countries.

Global air defense arms race, by Seth J. Frantzman at Daily Beast.

Video of an Israeli drone downed in Lebanon.

February 1: Iran and Turkey have become drone powers – Washington Post.

February 1: Drone swarms are coming.

January 31: DW looks at Saudi as “drone battleground.”

January 29: Drone swarms are too fast for Humans to fight.

January 28: US could use drones in surprise attack.

MEI: Imagining Future Airwars: What Turkish Successes in Nagorno-Karabakh and Libya Might Foreshadow– event.

January 26: Turkey’s Alpagu, similar to Israel’s Spike Firefly.

Russia sells drones to Myanmar.

January 25: IAI sells Heron to unnamed country worth millions.

January 24: An MQ-1C Gray Eagle drone, operated by U.S. Africa Command made an emergency landing near Agadez, Niger, on Saturday, a U.S. Africa Command spokesman told Military Times.

January 22: A French demo of a drone guiding a tank-killing missile

January 19 Drones hunt submarines in US tests

January 18: GJ-11 Sharp Sword flight in China.

“The first more or less high-quality photographs of the Philippine medium-altitude long-duration UAVs of the MALE Hermes 900″

January 14: India drone details.

Chinese drones all lined up

January 12: Lebanon Air Force chief: “Relying on technology is evident through the use of UAVs in espionage, reconnaissance, and night and day surveillance operations to locate targets, then neutralize or destroy those targets using guided missiles.” At Defense News Outlook.

January 9: Iran’s Almaz missile, similar to Israel’s Spike.

Chinese drones in Serbia.

US looks at Counter-UAS tactical strategy.

January 8: Rogoway: “The age of swarming air-launched munitions has officially begun with Air Force test.”

January 6: Brodsky: “During the drone exercise this week, #Iran‘s Army, in a likely message to U.S. & #Israel, claimed that its suicide drones’ range “has been upgraded to 2,000 km, and with certain measures up to 4,000 km.” Significant, if true–and that’s a big.” More here.

Azerbaijan military parade with Israeli drones.

January 5: Dubai magnetic shield to counter drones.

January 4: Taliban adapts drones for warfare.

January 1: Video of a drone display in China.

December 31: Egypt interest in new drones.

December 29: UK wants drones in wake of Azerbaijan conflict.

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