Drone News March 2021 updates

Drones continue to be in the news as loitering munition and other drone sales increase and as new technologies are pioneered around the world.

A look at Chinese Combat Drone BZK-005C.

March 1: Houthis use 15 UAVs, 9 of which were Samad-3 in attacks on Saudi Arabia.

US drone manufacturers benefit as US targets DJI.

Boeing Australia historic moment for Australian Air Force and the Loyal Wingman program.

March 2: A report from Korea says that KAI is partnering with Israel’s IAI on a MUM-T concept, manned/unmanned loitering munitions mounted on helicopters. See video.

Screen grab from the video showing the canister launch concept on the KAI helicopter.

March 3: Rob Lee “Video from Kazakhstan’s MoD of its Chinese-made Wing Loong UCAVs launching Blue Arrow 7 missiles during training.”

March 3: US invests in energy beam weapons.

March 6: Saudi-led Coalition hits UAV launching team in Yemen.

March 4: Sri Lankan Air Force Soldier carries a Digital Eagle portable drone jammer.

March 6: Houthis down a drone, photos.

March 7: A look at the Boeing Loyal Wingman drone.

March 7: Video of a flyover of a Harop.

March 7: Reports Russia is building new base in Syria that may house drones.

March 7: Russia tests Altius drone.

March 8: Footage of a Samad-3 being shot down by Saudis.

March 8: Hip-fired anti-drone rifle.

March 8: Biden may limit use of drones.

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